Breadcrumbing, Lock + Wipe and Ringfencing - Mobile Device Management made easy.

Published: 16th April 2010
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Just when the IT manager thought that all the company systems were in pretty good shape along came the mobile phone which management demanded should be employed to make efficiencies in day-to-day operations.

Having taken a look around the average manager found a bunch of BlackBerrys, a satchel full of Smartphones , an orchard of iphones, and lots and lots of cheap mobiles that keep breaking, getting lost and mysteriously ending up in buckets of water.

The challenge now is to somehow keep the mobile workforce in touch with in-house systems, in a secure way whilst reducing field workers travel and other dead-time.

Using a Mobile Device Management system from Condico will let you do exactly this.

From a dashboard the helpdesk can remotely control all smartphones, lock and wipe them if lost and restore settings on a replacement phone. They can download software to hundreds or even thousands of remote phones, interface to existing databases and even give training to operatives in the field.

As for breadcrumbing, well it is an interesting feature that can track the smartphone and reveal a great deal about its environment; where it has been and at what time. How fast it's been moving in a vehicle, and when the phone was last in coverage!

And then there is ringfencing which alerts helpdesk if the phone strays outside of its nominated territory.

In short a Mobile device management application from CondicoMobile is going to make the IT manager's job a lot easier and help to deliver those much demanded efficiencies.

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